Down by the farm

Another beautiful Spring day, so we decided to visit a local working farm to see some baby animals. We were lucky enough to see 4 day old calves, as well as some very young lambs.



Not to mention chickens…


and horses running wildly from their field to the stall, regardless of anyone standing nearby!!! Swedes are not obsessed with “health & safety”! Despite this, I only managed to get a photo of the calmest, slowest horse, and the only one walked to the stall by the farmer!


As we were walking back from the farm, we discovered some exercise equipment near the forest – we all just couldn’t help having a go, along with a few other curious families!!

Richard doing his stuff!!
Richard doing his stuff!!

Leon walking the walk!
Leon walking the walk!


(Maya understands it’s Easter…)

On the way home we found a traveling “tivoli” in Tyreso, so the kids all had a quick ride!


(Who's having more fun?)

(Who's having more fun?)

A busy day indeed!


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