Natural History Museum (Stockholm)

It was a rainy Saturday so we decided to head to the Natural History Museum. It’s a huge museum just outside of Stockholm, with some amazing exhibitions. We started with the dinosaurs (Leon was particularly taken with the fossils), went on to the prehistoric man exhibition, and onto the endangered species and the polar world. All the kids were interested at their different levels, and really enjoyed it.

Most of all however, Maya wanted to see the “big mouth” (body exhibition where you walk into a giant mouth at the entrance), and enjoyed walking through “the dark room” many many times – she’s a brave soul! Leon was desperate to see the precious stone and mineral room – when we finally got to that part of the museum, he repeated his last visit with us by taking lots of photos of the stones. Seeing Leon doing this, Maya grabbed my i-phone and proceeded to do the same thing.

And so we arrived home with almost one hundred photos of stones, which needed to be downloaded, printed out, and stuck into homemade books.

Here is Maya’s, complete with a list of “all the names of the stones I know”,  (Leon is still working on his) …



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