He can swim!

Yes, it’s true, today our wonderful Leon swam three widths unaided, and I’m so very proud of him!

Leon has had swimming lessons both in California, and here in Sweden, and has always remained ‘luke warm’ about them. And yet, because swimming is one of those essential things you really should learn in life, we’ve always insisted he has them, despite some protest.

Until recently all three kids were having a swimming class, but because of the mad rush to get there at 9am on both a Saturday and a Sunday, we decided to give the lessons a rest, and go swimming as a family every week instead. This would enable the kids to both play and swim, and allow us to go when we like, and for as long as we like. Plus in the Stockholm area there are so many wonderful swimming pools with play areas and slides, that the choice is endless!

Today we went to Fyrishov in Uppsala – a fantastic adventure pool with play areas, slides, caves, floats, hot tubs, a ‘river’, and an extra warm training pool. We had a great time, staying for many hours, and it was here that Leon finally learnt to swim! Hooray!

It really goes to show that classes suit some people, but not everyone, and for many, you are your own best teacher…


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