Our kids rarely watch television, in fact they don’t even know that ‘live tv’ exists. When they do watch something it’ll usually be a 5 minute children’s program downloaded (often) from the BBC, and will usually be as an emergency problem solver, such as when the kids are crying out with hunger and there’s no dinner on the table!

But the kids do watch films, perhaps once a week, usually of an evening with the whole family. And lately they’ve discovered some new things, something more adult, something exciting!

‘Life’ by David Attenborough. The kids love it, and not surprisingly – the photography is outstanding and the creatures amazing. I didn’t realise quite how fascinated they would be, and now as we await the next episode, we have also introduced them to Walking with Dinosaurs (the tv series). They’ve learnt so much from it, ask so many questions, and have a surprising amount of empathy for the dinosaurs, and Leon, in particular, is very very intrigued!


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