“Autumn Holiday” in Kungsträdgården

Swedes are not big on Halloween. There is the odd shop which sells some costumes or decorations, but other than that there is just one main shop ‘Buttericks’ which has been around since 1923, selling the most amazing costumes and articles for parties and celebrations. We tried to visit it today with the kids, but unfortunately the queue to get in to the actual shop was so long that we only got a peek in the window!


The ghost hanging around outside 'Buttericks'

We did, however, manage to get in to the large teepee at Kungsträdgården (the main city square) where all the Halloween festivities were taking place …




In this spacious teepee, decorated with ghouls, ghosts and spiders, there was a magician to watch, some games to play, and some crafts to make. All very simple and with a slightly homemade appeal!


Maya ingeniously made a pumpkin lantern – all her own idea! And Leon enjoyed playing air hockey with some kids he met there …


And later on we had a look at the huge pumpkins, and piles of mushrooms in the Hötorget market …



And that’s about the size of Halloween in Stockholm! But tomorrow we have our little Halloween party …


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