Advent Calendar : Remember Those We Love

All too often we get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, and forget about one of the real reasons, to think about those we love and care about. The commercialism now extends to Advent calendars, with kids expecting to receive chocolates or small gifts when opening each door.

Despite the fact that both Leon and Maya have persuaded Richard to buy a lego advent calendar, I decided to make a homemade one with them too. It’s very easy – and I’m hoping will be lots of fun when turning each ‘door’! And, you’ve guessed it, the idea behind the calendar is to think about our friends and family far away (and sometimes near) whom we love..

Get out the green paint, and make 25 handprints. This is actually the aftermath of the hand printing, hence the mess, but each member of our family made 5 handprints.

Choose photos of 25 individuals whom you are close to, and love dearly! After the handprints are dry, cut them out.

Glue the photos of your dearly beloved on the back of each hand, making sure each hand is upside-down.

Do you have 25 people you love?

Using blu-tack stick each hand (green side out) into a tree shape, starting with the bottom row, and numbering each hand from 25 down to 1 (at the top). Add a trunk and star, and “Voila”,  a Christmas tree.

Each morning from the 1st December the children will take turns turning a hand, and sticking it in place photo side up – and hopefully we’ll have lots of friends and family to think about on our lead up to Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar : Remember Those We Love

  1. I cannot imagine finding the time to get this together before Dec the 1st but I just love it!! I wondered whether I am biassed by our prominent appearance in it.

    Gee is Advent really that close. Boy I need to pull my finger out.

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