Dinosaur Mountain

Maya and Alfie both enjoy a bit of dinosaur role play, and I’ve been wanting to make this play dough dinosaur mountain with them for some time – today was the day!

Made from boxes, covered with foil, and then covered with different colours of play dough, and inspired by an extremely creative woman at ‘Filth Wizardry’….

The start (kids already off with the dinosaurs!)

The finish!

Watch out for the swamp!

Or for the flowing lava!

We just happened to have some plastic flowers, trees and a little waterfall in our dinosaur box, and I only had to make up 2 batches of play dough (!) – most of it was old stuff we had left in the fridge!

Most of the morning has been spent making it, so the kids have barely had a chance to play with it having been rushed off to classes and sleeps, but I’m hoping it’ll be many hours of play !


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