Our Earth Day Project

Earth day was invented on the 22nd April 1970 to raise awareness and appreciation for our planet.

We started with a story….

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful lake, full of wonderful fish and plants,  where people liked to come and enjoy picnics. ..”

(We used a blue sheet and cut out paper fish)

“…but as time went on people would sometimes forget rubbish by the lake, and sometimes rubbish would be blown into the lake by the wind, and some fish started to die. More and more rubbish was left, and more and more rubbish was blown into the lake, and bit by bit all of the fish and lovely plants died. The lake was dirty and smelly and no-one visited anymore…”

(Rubbish from our recycling bins)

I asked the kids how we could clean up the lake and how we could keep it clean, and they helped me to sort the rubbish into the recycling bins, until all the fish came back again.

And then it was time for the real life rubbish! We took a picnic, a plastic bag, and some gloves, and on our walk from home to the lake we decided to see how much rubbish we could find. Wow, were we surprised at how MUCH there was….!

And after our picnic (CLEAN hands!), we were able to enjoy the picking of some Spring flowers on our walk home….

The classic moment being when, at home, I explained to Alfie that we needed to give the flowers a drink of water – and he literally dipped their heads into the water, one by one, and said “look, they’re drinking”…

Some related books which we have also read are…

The simple ‘Clifford’s Spring Clean-Up’ (Norman Bridwell) is about Emily and her giant dog Clifford and how they help to clean the house, clear the rubbish, plant flowers and other ‘Earth Day’ projects, and is much enjoyed by Maya and Alfie.

The more advanced, and absolutely excellent ‘The Global Garden’ (Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels) is a pop-up book about where our food comes from, and which materials we use come from which plants/trees. It is an ‘Eden Project’ book, absolutely loved by Leon, and I would highly recommend it!


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