We Are Back!

Having enjoyed a very busy, exciting and even slightly exhausting (!) trip back to England, we are home, ready for Midsummer!

Here are a few photos of some of our adventures in England!

Enjoying botanical gardens both inside and out….

With dinosaurs to boot….

and playgrounds galore…

at the fantastically packed, and very exciting ‘Paradise Park’.

Bouncing and enjoying the view of the Downs at ‘Spring Barn Farm’….

Riding Thomas, finding the Teletubbies, and enjoying the maze at ‘Drusillas’.

Meeting friends, chatting in play parks, throwing pebbles, and riding in bubbles on Brighton Beach…

Enjoying local carnivals with floats and springs…

Spending time with family…

And enjoying new projects – homemade skittles, perfume pots, and taking apart old cameras….

A busy week indeed!


One thought on “We Are Back!

  1. A most excellent adventure indeed! You did a great job of capturing the fun and the memories.

    Wish I had little ones so I would have a good excuse to ride Thomas and play in one of those cool bubbles!

    Welcome home and Happy Midsummer!

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