Long Live Princess Victoria And Prince Daniel!

Last weekend the King of Sweden’s first daughter, Victoria, got married. What has really opened the hearts of many people, is that she got married to Daniel, a local boy with no royal background or connections whatsoever – a true fairytale!

Unfortunately, what with school finishing, the royal wedding, midsummer celebrations, and tickets booked for Kiruna next week, our trip to England had to squeeze out something, and it was indeed the wedding that went! However, we returned to the following picture upon our laundry room wall….

… and my husband dutifully saved the newspapers, and recorded the one hours highlight from the television, so the kids have been bombarded with pictures of the royal couple, the coach, the golden boat, the church, the wedding cake, the banquet table, the guests and the crowds. Yes, I think an educational lesson on the royal couple has thoroughly been covered!

And yet, I just couldn’t let it lie. So today we went to visit the crown jewels – actually a store room for the royal treasures, rather than a museum. The collection is stunning. Crowns, swords, thrones, packed with gold, silver, and many precious jewels. Well worth a look! Understandably photos were not allowed, and unfortunately the actual palace was closed to visitors (due to wedding guests still staying there), but this is ‘Storkyrkan’ (The Great Church), where the couple were married, just yards from the palace…

The love of the couple was evident to see around Gamla Stan (The Old Town), in windows…

and in shops ….

However, visiting the crown jewels obviously gave Leon and Maya enthusiasm to buy their own ‘jewels’ as they entered a shop selling precious stones, they were bowled over, and decided to spend their 20 Kr pocket money!

So many lovely stones to choose from, but finally they both settled for a piece of ‘sliced agate‘ – truly beautiful!


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