Welcome To The North! (Part 1)

We arrived home late yesterday evening…

Staying in a tiny cottage by a huge lake, in the middle of a forest, miles from the town of Kiruna, was extremely relaxing. Despite the weather not being on our side (often rainy, and at times quite chilly), we all had a fantastic ‘burst’ of nature, and lots of fun!

The day after arriving we drove up to ‘Abisko’, the national park. A beautiful park surrounded by huge pristine lakes, nestled between snow covered mountains. We followed the ‘kungsleden’ (King’s trail) for 8 kilometres (about 4 miles), through sparse forest, rocky pathways, and along a raging river. The river ran through fantastic canyons, and water falls could be seen coming down from the mountains into this wonderful river. As is so often the case with amazing nature, our photos don’t even come near to showing what a lovely place it was…

A clouded, rainy, view from the car...

After checking out the little museum dedicated to Abisko and it’s nature, and having a very fancy lunch in the restaurant (salmon of course!), we set off on our walk – armed with little pieces of chocolate just in case we needed bribes for the kids to get them home again!

It had stopped raining by now, and although it wasn’t exactly sunny, the clouds had parted a little – just in time for when we got to the river, which both terrified and excited the kids, with it’s white water rushing past, through the small canyons, which had been carved out by the river itself…

Happy to reach the river..

And quick to climb to the top of the (smaller) fall!

We walked a little further before sitting down on the banks for a snack, with the view of a snow topped mountain – and a geography lesson from Pappa!

Richard shares his knowledge of this and that!

And home again....

Can you guess who made it to the end of the trail first?!

That’s right! Maya strolled ahead, and we found her curled up on a rock at the end of the trail – exhausted!

The kids were all fantastic – they loved it! We didn’t need to use the chocolate as a bribe (though they got it anyway!), and I was so proud of them – not a moan from any of them, and they each walked the whole way, Alfie included – in fact, he even refused to get in to his push chair when we got to the end!


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