Welcome To The North! (Part 3)

On our third day we visited a ‘Sami homestead museum’. Here we learnt a little more about the Sami way of life, specifically reindeer herding throughout the year, and got to have a look at, and in, some traditional Sami housing….

This is actually a store room - the legs are made smooth to stop predators such as bears, wolves or wolverines getting at the food.

Plus we got to see some beautiful Sami articles…

Reindeer skin boots

Baby carrying device!

Traditional Sami clothing

But of course the experience wouldn’t be complete without a few reindeer….

Richard and the kids even tried their hand at lassoing some ‘reindeer’ – should the need ever arise…!

After lunch sitting on reindeer skins by an open fire, we headed off to look at the 16th century church next door – with some outstanding paintings inside….

Can you spot the people in Sami dress? Perhaps this was painted at a time when Christian pilgrims tried to convert the Sami people to Christianity?


One thought on “Welcome To The North! (Part 3)

  1. What a treat to have been able to join you and your family on your adventure North. Thank you so much for sharing it. I would have gone nuts seeing reindeer! I am still a kid and in this part of the world we never see them except in zoos, so I would have wanted to hang around them most of the trip! ha!

    And I have become very curious about “Sami” having never before heard of them and know nothing of their history or customs. Will be doing a bit of research.

    Again, thank you for sharing your family and their trip up North!

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