Welcome To The North! (Part 4)

On our fourth and final day (we travelled home on the fifth), we drove to Narvik, a town by one of the fjords in Norway. Having battled the reindeer blocking the roads (well, two of them anyway), we arrived after just over two hours drive.

Now Kiruna may be the most northernly town in Sweden – but Narvik is one of the most northernly towns in the WORLD! And as stated before, photos just can’t capture the beauty of nature. It was outstandingly beautiful! The drive from the Abisko area in Sweden, over rocky plateaus with huge lakes, and a tiny wooden cottage placed here and there – like the end of the world – going on to giant dipping mountains which looked down on huge fiords of bright blue water. All this, surrounded by snow topped mountains.

I just wish you could have been there….

You just can’t capture it can you?

At this point we had actually taken a cable car up to the top of a mountain..

And as usual, the kids didn’t cease to amaze me…

…by running up the mountain side to try to reach the snow (they got there in the end!)…
…and at leon’s huge enthusiasm at finding some rusty old nails, screws and a lock – in the midst of this beauteous landscape!

And I was truly amazed myself, when I realised we were only 2420 kilometres to the North Pole!

But so ends our journey to the north – and the North Pole we will have to do another time!


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