Homemade Tree Blocks

It’s been many years since I’ve been admiring ‘tree blocks‘, but I have had difficulty admiring the price, especially in Sweden where it’s almost twice as much, and as my children have got older (well, okay, two of them!), I could not help wondering whether it would be worth the money….

But I do love wooden bricks and blocks, especially of so many different shapes and sizes, and I do believe they have a huge scope for fantasy and role play. And the question I have often asked myself was, could I make my own?

And so, because of our chopped down plum tree (the poor thing was dying)…

….. I did!

It was surprisingly easy. Simply sawing some pieces of medium sized branch into 10 longer bits (around 7 cm each), 10 shorter bits (around 4 cm each), and 5 wider, flatter pieces, from a thicker branch.

The kids enjoyed taking part by sand-papering each piece…

And even though we still need to do a little sand-papering and a little oiling, and there maybe a gnarl here and there, we are very pleased with the results!


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