My Favourite Island : Utö

Yesterday our friends arrived from England, and shall be staying with us for a week, and so today we were off to show them ‘ Utö ‘, one of the larger archipelago islands off the Swedish east coast, just a half hour boat ride from the Årsta harbour.

I love this island. Why? Because when you get off the boat and walk through the village of old red wooden houses, you get to the edge of a little forest, and when you walk through the little forest, you get to a small but steep glacial rock, and when you climb to the top of the rock, you get the most beautiful view of smooth grey-white glacial rocks, mixed with green desert like pine trees, and red brown plants, overlooking a never ending sea, which goes all the way to Russia.

On the path through the forest...

..picking flowers and blueberries on the way.... the top of the rock, you can see the sea...

... look at the view....

...climb some rocks...

...throw some rocks...

...or use them to make a rainbow... a secret lake...

...have a picnic...

.... and enjoy....!


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