Making Potions From Nature

Kids love doing this – and it’s very easy to set up!

Some small pots for collecting, teaspoons for mixing, a jug of water, a pestle and mortar, and some see through glasses (ours were some plastic champagne flutes from long ago…)

First, get kids to think of a specific colour potion they want to make, and then collect petals, berries or leaves of that colour.

Next job is to crush them with a pestle and mortar, with a little water added…

Scoop mixture into a glass, add more water, and mix…

Maya also decided to name each potion, and write labels for them…

And low and behold, a whole rainbow of drinks was made!

Amazing the colours that nature can provide!

12 thoughts on “Making Potions From Nature

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  4. Love this! I did a dyeing workshop with the kids this summer(including smashing flowers), this would gave been a great addition. I’ll have to give it a go this week.

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