Mini Camp

On Tuesday night Richard took Maya camping. Just for one night. In the forest.

She experienced ravioli cooked in the tin...

...grilling blueberries on the fire...

....making animals from pinecones and sticks...

...laying 'brown baby' to sleep under a fallen tree...

...and waking up to a mirror still lake.

She loved it!

Now Leon is home from scout camp, and has had the time of his life – canoeing, orienteering, assault courses, rock climbing, sailing, candlelit forest walks and camping.

He hasn’t stopped talking about it since he came home (with numerous bumps and bruises), and is already looking forward to next years camp!

He and Maya have been playing ‘scouts’ all day, and tomorrow they are planning on camping in the garden – their first day of ‘camp’.

Leon has written a list (in Swedish) of everything they need to take….


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