‘Playmobil’ Obstacle Course

An enthusiasm for obstacle courses has taken over the children in the family lately, and as the ‘playmobil water world’ was so popular, we decided to set up a ‘playmobil obstacle course’….

Supplies were collected (glue, scissors, tape, elastic bands, string, items from the recycle bin, and a collection of old lolly sticks), plus a few toys, such as the tree blocks, and some dismantled playmobil swings that might come in useful…

And a great array of different obstacles were invented….

' the scramble net' (using a dismantled playmobil swing and some netting from a tray of oranges)

' a balance walk way ' (tree blocks and lolly sticks)

' a flat ladder walkway' (kitchen rolls and lolly sticks)

' a balance beam - go through or over - it wobbles when you do!' (kitchen roll and tree blocks)

' monkey bars and swinging tyres' (a dismantled playmobil swing, some string and some plastic lids)

' a tunnel and stepping stones' (toilet roll and tree blocks)

As you can imagine – great fun to make , and great fun to play with!

Off we go………….!


3 thoughts on “‘Playmobil’ Obstacle Course

    • Ha ha! 🙂 To be honest, a little of me, and a little of the kids – but you know me, I just DO love ‘playmobil’!!!! And right now the kids are having of re-discovery of it, so I shall take advantage as much as I can!!!!

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