Thank Goodness For Lego!

Leon, who currently loves to cook, has been busy making ‘pepparkakor’ (gingerbread biscuits) for the last two days. Yes, two days.

Day 1 : Preparation of dough…

Then leave the dough in a cold place overnight….

Day 2 : Cutting and baking of gingerbread forms….

Plus of course, the decoration….

In the last year Leon has experimented with much cooking – and has had some wonderfully delicious successes – and some slightly dismal failures (don’t we all?!), but never once has he followed a recipe.

Last week he decided to make pancakes. All worked out well in the end, but he DID forget the butter, and added three times as much milk as was needed, plus was impatient to turn the pancakes before they were really cooked. Yes. a tad messy. But we sorted it out, and we ate pancakes for lunch.

But it was the last straw! “Next time”, I said, “you NEED to follow a recipe”. He refused. I explained about food waste and money waste. He said he wouldn’t make a mistake again. I explained that Pappa had been making pancakes for over 15 years and therefore didn’t need to follow a recipe. He said he could remember his recipes off by heart already. I pleaded that he should at least check out a recipe beforehand, and skim through which ingredients were needed and how it was made. He politely declined my offer.

And then I remembered lego! “Imagine”, I said, “if you got a new lego kit, and a friend came over and started to build the model WITHOUT using the instructions. One mistake would just lead to another and another, until everything just turned out wrong.”

“Ohhhh!” he said. And today he got a tray, took out and measured each ingredient carefully, and followed each instruction step by step – and the end result was delicious!

Thank goodness for Lego!


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