Playing With Soap

What’s that?

It’s Leon’s ‘soap ball’.

I recently found a box of soap flakes, made to use with plastic moulds….

… but we decided to see if we could mould the soap by hand, by ‘melting’ it in the microwave for around 20 seconds, and then squeezing and kneading the soap together – adding a little water if it felt too dry.

It was pretty tricky, so the kids all made a ‘soap ball’, though I did manage to mould a ‘soap bone’ on Alfie’s request …

Leon, not being too keen on ‘claddig’ (sticky) textures, such as glue and clay, wasn’t really too happy with doing more than his basic mould, but Maya (who LOVES to get ‘claddig’) and Alfie , had a wonderful time ! Maya decided first to put her soap in a laundry tub, add a little water, and whisk away…..

Alfie, on the other hand, saw this as yet another way to wash his small toy animals…..

Pretty soon, a whole ‘animal washing factory’ was born!

Here are some photos of the process – on Maya’s request….

Muddy frogs

(Just to show you how muddy they really are...)

Frogs are put in (now grey) soapy water

And whisked..

Before being rinsed in clean water!

Another example of where kids can take an activity, and never cease to stop exploring – wonderful!


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