Watercolour Project 1 : Masking Tape Painting

Having three kids of very different ages (9, 6 and 2), means finding an art activity that they can all take part and succeed in. I’m going to try to fathom out a few projects using watercolour first, and this seemed like a perfect beginning one…

Using a big piece of white paper for each child, and getting them to cover the paper with strips of masking tape, in various directions, was the first step. Then it was just to paint over the whole paper in a variety of colours.

Which resulted in looking like this (pre-tape removing and while still drying)…

Once the paint is completely dry, CAREFULLY remove the masking tape….

Leon's : A dramatic and interesting design. He attempted to make a maze, but became a little disappointed that some of the paint had seeped under the tape, making the lines less clear - but I think it's wonderful!

Maya's : Lots of colour, and really rather beautiful - reminds me of an african material design. She spent a long time over this, and used a finer paintbrush than the other two.

Alfie's : I stuck down the tape for him, so I'm not sure I would call it totally his own - but he did a pretty good job! And what is it with the boys and black?!

As a first art project for a mixed age group this is pretty good – it’s fun and easy to do, and always has quite a dramatic effect – plus removing the tape is so exciting! I wanted to do a ‘no fail’ art activity as one of my kids tends to be a bit of a perfectionist, but sadly has lost a lot of confidence in the arts in recent years. I think this was a good one to choose.

I do think, however, that I need to get some REAL watercolour paper (rather than just Ikea rolls!), and some slightly better water colour paints (only one of our boxes works well…)!


2 thoughts on “Watercolour Project 1 : Masking Tape Painting

    • That’s great Brigette! I’m sure your daughter will be old enough to do all these things before you know it! Enjoy your time with her! 🙂

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