Measuring With Sunflowers

I have a good friend who is a child-minder – today she came over with her kids, and we decided to use a giant sunflower to teach the kids all about length….

Can you climb as high as the sunflower?

How far up the sunflower can you reach?

We then used some measuring links to measure each other, and compare size, by counting the number of links….

Next we each held up the number of measuring links we were long (looking a little like convicts!) ….

And stood by our links…

We worked out who was the longest, the shortest, and who was in the middle – before finally comparing ourselves to the length of the sunflower!

A recommended book would be ‘Inch by inch’ by Leo Lionni (though you would have to change the word inch, to centimeter in England)…

A lovely book about an inch worm who avoids getting eaten by making himself useful measuring birds.

Note: As you can probably see, none of my kiddies are in the above photo! Leon and Maya were at school, and Alfie was so overwhelmed with his house being filled with guests, that he shied away from the activity! Never mind – maybe next time?!!


2 thoughts on “Measuring With Sunflowers

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