Weekly Lego Evening

A few months ago I found a lovely little blog called ‘Lego Quest’, which sets out creative lego ‘quests’ each week (although now every second week) for people to complete. Although we have not yet ‘officially’ taken part (by posting our photos) we have been enjoying the blog for a few weeks now.

One evening a week, myself and the kids have a Lego evening. Sometimes we all attempt the ‘quest’, sometimes only one of us does, and the rest of us just spend the time creating something of our own choice – but we all play with Lego – even Alfie!

This week the quest was to make a bridge. I was so impressed with Maya’s bridge – she concentrated so hard, and spent so long on it, and was ever so proud…

As you can see, she has made a bridge, with a man and his dog on top, and a yellow path goes down and around to the concrete path, which goes under the bridge (where a skateboarder passes by). Water also flows under the bridge, and a couple of divers are swimming under it too.

Maya has enjoyed Lego a little more this year, but it tends to be ‘girl’ Lego, the pink stuff, with horses and dogs. It was so wonderful to see her so involved in something other than this, and really CREATING!

I just LOVE our Lego evenings. It’s become a really special time. So relaxing. A time when we are all together, creating, sometimes as a group, sometimes individually, but always together. It’s very peaceful – and can go on for hours…

Thank you ‘Lego Quest’ people!


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