Watercolour Project 2 : Autumn Leaves

Admittedly it does feel a little early for Autumn, but the leaves are just beginning to turn here, and as I have yet to buy some proper watercolour paper, I felt that this activity using white coffee filters would be fun!

Again a ‘no fail’ project, suitable for different age groups (this is my present aim!), and simple to do. We collected a few leaves from the garden, and either copied their shape, drew around them, or drew our own, upon the coffee filter paper.

Then it was simply to use autumnal watercolour paints, mixed with lots of water, and to drip, or paint, over the filter paper. Leave to dry, and then cut out.

As you can see with the above close up of some of the leaves, when certain colours are blended together, and enough water is used, it gives a wonderful bright ‘tie dye’ effect.

The above book ‘Red leaf, yellow leaf’ (Lois Ehlert) is a wonderful book about the life of a maple tree – well worth an autumn read, and goes nicely with the above activity!


3 thoughts on “Watercolour Project 2 : Autumn Leaves

  1. I am definitely going to have to try out a project using coffee filters! I’ve seen so many fun ideas for playing with them.

    This one is perfect for fall. Love how the leaves turned out.

  2. Thanks Pam – I love them too – actually coffee filters seem just fantastic for art and science work – the kids love them, and they have such a great effect!

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