‘The Little Engine That Could’ Fun!

Yesterday we went to a little fun fair, and Alfie enjoyed several rides on a little train. When he came home he desperately wanted to play with his little wooden train set, and so on continuing with our ‘play through books’, I decided to read to him ‘The Little Engine that Could’ (Watty Piper)….

Like many young children, Alfie enjoys the stories of ‘Thomas the tank engine’, but the above book is also a classic! An old fashioned tale about a little engine loaded with ” wonderful toys and good food to eat for the good little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain”, who breaks down, and desperately asks the help of other trains to get over the mountain before the sun comes up.

I decided to ask Alfie to help me to construct a train from boxes…

Admittedly I did most of the work, but Alfie was keen to fetch the materials, and eagerly stuck on the bottle top wheels. He also added his own touch – some ‘smoke’ coming from the funnel from black wool….

He immediately filled up the carriages with toys and began to play. This is what I describe as a ‘ classic preschool craft ‘! I remember doing this many times with both Leon and Maya, with more, and less, elaborate trains, and it was always very successful. Only a few years ago, when Leon was 6, and Maya was 4, I remember we made one, and added signs around the house for all the different places we knew in Sweden – these then became stops for the passengers (cuddly toys) to get off and on. A lot of fun, and a good way to get to know the names of your local towns / bus stops!

Now Alfie is having a sleep, and I have set up a ‘train’ in the living room…

He just loves role play right now, and I am guessing than when Maya gets home from school, and Alfie awakes, they will have lots of fun! I have also added a train driver’s cap, some ‘tickets’ and a ‘ticket punch’, and a snack – because in the above story, the train takes “big golden oranges, red cheeked apples..” and “bottles of creamy milk” to the children on the other side of the mountain…

I think they will enjoy!


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