The Start Of A Nature/Seasonal Table

I have always loved the idea of a nature/seasonal table, and although last year we briefly touched on one in the autumn, and one in the winter, the project seemed to be more about our seasonal, brown paper bag tree, and once Spring came and more time was spent outside , the tree was forgotten!

Inspired by these wonderful images, and my continuing desire to have a real, ongoing nature table, I set up one today…

Yes, there you can see our autumnal watercolour leaves painted last week, and our sunflower collage made yesterday (we will be making a stem with the children in due course!).

I have also hung overhead a pine cone mobile that I made with one of the kids some years ago, and to the right…

…. a beautiful wall hanging that I found last year on the Scout’s second hand stall at the Christmas market!

I have covered the actual table with a brown Indian cloth, and set upon it our tree blocks, our painted wooden rainbow, a collection of pine cones, and a wooden bowl of conkers. I’m hoping that the brown colours, and the wood give an autumnal feel – and for now I’m just going to leave the table and see what the children do with it  (actually, while taking these photos I saw that Maya and Alfie had nabbed the bowl of conkers for pretend chocolates in their imaginary play!)

I’m not really sure whether I’m going to succeed at this, or whether the kids will show an interest, but I’m going to persevere with it, and try and change it weekly, and get the kids involved – and just see what happens!


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