Multi-Coloured Cookie Dough!

I had a lovely activity planned for Alfie this morning, but he got trapped in play-dough heaven, and there he remained for most of the morning. After making cakes, rolling balls, mixing colours and learning how to use the rolling pin and the cutter, I noticed how he became incredibly involved in ‘piling the colours’. He just loved it!

Choosing a colour, flattening it, and adding it to the pile….

This muti-coloured pile reminded me of something I had once seen at the mega-talented ‘Filth Wizardry’s’ blog…. and as Alfie had originally taken out the cookie cutters, cake cases, candles and a timer, intending to do some baking (it was a lazy mummy who suggested the play-dough), I thought we would give it a go…..

I had not anticipated the two year old’s need to eat the cookie dough, and this certainly got in the way of the original intention (of piling the multi-coloured dough in to the cake tin in the same way he piled the play-dough), but we got it done in the end…

And a very proud and excited two year old took it to the oven….

And now it is out of the oven, cooling down, waiting to be popped in to the mouths of the many children in the house…

…. looking pretty much like I thought it would!

Note : As mentioned in ‘Filth Wizardry’s’ blog above, we made a regular cookie dough, separated it into four parts and added a food colouring to each part (purple, blue, green and red). However, unlike American food colouring, the Swedish food colouring does not appear to be as strong in colour – but I guess that’s supposed to be a good thing?! 🙂


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