HOW many mushrooms?!

In a land such as Sweden, where the seasons are so apparent, and the nature is so untouched, there is usually an abundance of wild food to forage.

This year, due to the very long dry summer the blueberries are scarce, but having rained massively for the last two weeks (and though it may be very very cold, and very very dark in Sweden, we don’t usually have a huge amount of rain), we have something else growing everywhere.

Mushrooms. Toadstools. Fungi. Whatever you like to call them. And they sprout up overnight. No wonder they are seen as magical.

Here are just a few to be found in our garden right now…

So, yes, as you can see, a whole rainbow of mushrooms!

But are they edible? No, they are not!

Now, since living in sweden, Leon and Maya have learnt never to touch unknown wild mushrooms, and they both can identify the more common and edible wild mushrooms. Indeed last year Leon even went mushroom picking with his class at school, and then learnt how to cook them.

But the ones above are mostly poisonous, and however pretty, with a two year old and his friends wandering around, they must go!


2 thoughts on “HOW many mushrooms?!

  1. We are anxiously awaiting the autumn rains and sprouting mushrooms here in our mountains. What a treat to see yours! And you shared my favorite – red with white spots. Deadly poisonous but so pretty.

    Thank you for the “ear;y” peak!

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