Dolls Win Sweden’s Election 2010

So my pedagogic husband took it upon himself to teach the kids all about the importance of voting today!

With Sweden’s election happening , he was quick to put up some pictures of the members of the main Swedish political parties, and to give the kids a briefing…

Will it be any of the left wing parties?
Or the right?

Strangely enough he didn’t go in to details, but instead we set up two seperate parties – the ‘Pappa Party’ and the ‘Mama Party’…

So what did the ‘Pappa Party’ offer?

More peculiar dinners, more Beatles music, five minutes extra reading time in the evening, and better Saturday sweeties!

And the ‘Mama Party’?

More crafts, singing together, desert for dinner every night and more exciting packed lunches!

But, suddenly, out of the blue, came another, Independent party – the ‘Bella Party’ (brown baby), set up by Maya…

So what does Bella offer?

All dolls go for a walk, go to a play place every Saturday, promise to build a car for dolls, and go on fairground rides!

And the vote is on….!

Bella? Pappa? Mama?

The kids were given three ballot cards (as above), and had to choose which one to vote for, and put their vote into the box…..

Hmmmm … the choice is hard…..

Leon helps Alfie to decide, while Maya thinks it over seriously…..

And the winner is……


And so it was, that the dolls took over Sweden…..

(This was a little difficult to categorize, and although ‘every day’ it is not, I could think of no other!)


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