Buckets Full Of Gold

Leon and Maya enjoyed rowing the boat over to an island with their auntie…..

On reaching the island they started looking….

But for what?


And look – Leon has found some…

And soon they had buckets full…!

Yes, that’s right – buckets full of ‘gold’ coloured mushrooms…

‘Kanterella’ we call them in sweden – and these ones are edible!


2 thoughts on “Buckets Full Of Gold

  1. Our favorites too! What a lovely post – sharing your Chantrelle hunting trip. I think if my sweetie sees this he will want to move to Sweden!
    We are lucky to find more that a dozen or so.

    So – tell me – what is your favorite way to prepare them?

    • Very easy – once dried out, the trick is to fry them in butter, and eat them as simply as possible – with potatoes and meat, perhaps a little brown gravy for the meat – but the chantarelle have such a strong taste, you don’t want to ruin them with anything else which tastes strong. They are really delicious just fried in butter! Good luck with finding some!

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