Fun With ‘There’s An Alligator Under My Bed’

This week we looked at ‘There’s an alligator under my bed’ by Mercer Mayer.

The reason I chose this book was partly because of Alfie’s love of animals, and partly because he had a friend to play, who I thought would also love this book – it’s quite a ‘boyish’ book – and seemed to suit the both of them very well!

After reading the book a number of times, we used blue and yellow paint to make green, in order to paint the alligators I had drawn for each of them.

When the alligators are dry I ‘m going to staple them together, leaving a hole which I will fill with newspaper, before stapling it up, and then hanging it up in the play room – a hanging sculpture if you will!

I then set out a number of non-slip bath mats (some previously bought for yoga mats!), and a wooden plank raised with books. I didn’t give the kids any instructions, and just left it to see what they would do.

Since putting it out (on Monday actually), it has been an endless source of fun and games – not just for Alfie and his friend, but for the pre-school group, as well as for Leon and Maya. The kids have been alligators and sharks and monsters, and the mats and plank have been moved around, with extra cushions added. Mainly it has become a sort of obstacle course, where if you fall off you are eaten by the alligator – both with and without the use of music.

Here Maya and Alfie show an example of a game in motion…

We’ve also set out an alligator swamp, with green water, stones, sticks, leaves and alligators. The poor Prince, bless him, had to get away from the alligators fast! Luckily he had a raft nearby, which fortunately floated, and was able to use the stones as stepping stones to escape….

It was interesting to see that the more water that was added to the activity, the more the activity became a floating and sinking experiment, with all the bits and pieces which were added to the tray to help the poor Prince escape!

And finally, it all ended with a green snack (because of course, the alligators we painted turned out green)….

…. so there you have it – a little art, a little science, a little food and lots of role play!


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