Tasty Treats For The Birds

Our final activity on sunflowers with the preschool kids – making bird food (using sunflower seeds as one of the ingredients).

We melted some cheap fat (vegetable shortening in the U.S, lard in the U.K), and poured it in to muffin moulds, then the kids helped to spoon in the bird seed. After this we lay the end of a piece of red wool in each mould.

We also tied red wool on small pine cones, spread them with peanut butter and rolled them in bird seed.

And spooned melted fat over larger pine cones, then poured bird seed over them, and tied on a piece of red wool.

When finished we left them all outside to cool and harden (this took about thirty minutes), we popped them out of their moulds and they looked like this…

And it was then time to hang them on the tree…

…. and I’ve already seen the birds enjoying them!

After measuring with sunflowers, making a sunflower collage and making sunflower seed bread rolls, this was the last activity in our sunflower project for preschoolers.


3 thoughts on “Tasty Treats For The Birds

  1. I am planning to make some of these soon with Antonio and Sophia – my borrowed grandchildren! But the recipe used gelatin for holding the seeds together. i am going to add this idea to the agenda!

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