The Importance Of Nursery Rhymes : Incy Wincy Spider

Having been born in England, as well as having taught young children there, I am well aware of the importance of a good old traditional English nursery rhyme.

Yes, you may laugh, but the English nursery rhyme teaches our children many things…. other than the basics of rhythm and rhyming words, repetition and speech, did you know they also teach children about spatial awareness (leading to greater success in maths and science), and history?

And because I presently happen to be living in Sweden, I feel it is my responsibility, as an English parent, to teach my 2 year old about those good old traditional English nursery rhymes! Lately, therefore, Alfie and I have been musing over music, books and the occasional DVD of – can you guess? Nursery Rhymes!

He just loves to sing and recognise them, and out of the blue can sometimes be heard to say such sayings as “quite contrary” and “hot cross buns” within his play. I have, therefore, decided to do a few activities with some of his favourite rhymes – the first being ‘Incy Wincy Spider’.

It started with the making of a spout – yes, here is Incy hanging from the inside of his cardboard spout…

Having enjoyed repeatedly singing the rhyme, and pulling the spider up and down the spout (via the string and the little hole punched in the side of the kitchen roll), we progressed to this….

Yes, that’s right, a real ‘spout’!

Armed with a piece of guttering, some spiders, and a watering can full of water, we yet again went through the repetition of ‘Incy Wincy Spider’…

Of course, these spiders really needed to be explored, and so (armed with the spider hanging from his ‘tube’), it was time to find a real one. We looked in all the obvious places – in the garage, in the little cottage, in all the nooks and crannies – but no spider was to be found. “It’s getting cold here in Sweden, and all the spiders must have moved inside” I suggested to Alfie – and as we spoke, I spotted, not a spider, but a beautiful web, strung between the ropes of….

….. that’s right, our ‘people’s web’!

Unfortunately my camera was not good enough to capture the web in the strong sunlight, but, feeling happy with his find, the next step for Alfie was to make our own web.

A little tricky for a two year old, but with a little help he managed to cut around the sides of a paper plate, and together we wove the wool around it…

Which brings us to an old classic – those egg box spiders!

Alfie and his friend painted those rounded parts of an egg box black, helped glue on eyes of their choice, and after I had pierced holes for the legs (8 of course!), together we cut up pipe cleaners, and poked them through the holes.

Quite fiddly for such young children to make – but WOW, they loved them!


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