The Hunt For Autumn Finds

This week we’ve spent a lot of time ‘searching for Autumn’!

Maya comes home nearly every day with a new thing to show me – some conkers, some beautiful leaves or some acorns perhaps. So the other day Maya, Alfie and I went for a walk, searching for leaves and their seeds…

And what did we find?



Horse chestnut



Not sure what this is - a Hawthorn perhaps?



A type of pine



A maple



An oak



A birch


It was fun for the kids to match the leaves and seeds, and simply to look at and touch them for Alfie.

Yesterday I sent Leon, Maya and a friend of theirs on an ‘autumn scavenger hunt’. They were given a bag each, and a list of things to find (inspired by this activity at the wonderful ‘Frugal Family Fun’ blog). I mostly used their list of things, but simply changed a few items which I knew would be impossible, for something more relevant to the scandinavian countryside!

All three kids went off, wrapped in warm clothes, bags in hand to explore the local area. They were given strict boundaries as to where they could and could not go – and all three kids came back unharmed, very happy, and full of eagerness to show me their finds!

And I think the above photo says it all! 🙂


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