We Love ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’

Alfie presently has a great love of magnetic numbers and letters,and has had for some time. He loves to sort them in to colour, and shape, and can now point out numbers 2 and 0, and letters A, X and M. Most of all he loves to add characters to these shapes, and spends ages taking them on adventures.

I’m not one for ‘hot housing’ kids, and I personally don’t believe in teaching children to read, write and do maths from a very young age – but on the other hand, if they show an interest in something, I do think it’s important to encourage their enthusiasm, and grab the opportunity while you have the chance.

I have no intention of teaching Alfie to read and write as I truly believe that, with the right encouragement, most children learn to do this through play and experimentation anyway – but his enjoyment of adding characters to numbers and letters reminded me of this wonderful book

We have the magnetic letters book, which seems most appropriate for Alfie – and is lots of fun. And after also playing with the ‘Leapfrog’ alphabet sounds magnetic toy , (a present we were given in  California, which has been surprisingly popular with our youngest)….

….. and making letter and numbers prints in play dough….

…. I decided to get serious! I recently saw this activity on someone’s blog, but sadly I have no memory of here I saw it (sorry!), but I thought it was really lovely.

A simple coconut tree cut from card, and tacked to the fridge, enabling kids to use their magnetic letters to act out scenes from the book. I just love it!

I also copied an alphabet chart and put it at the bottom of the tree, enabling kids to either match the letter shapes with their magnetic letters, or simply to learn about the order of the alphabet. This seemed more appropriate for Maya, but it will be interesting to see what Alfie does with it too!

I also found a really sweet ‘Chicka Chicka boom boom’ song and cartoon on the internet here – it’s very short, and it really makes Alfie LAUGH!

My next idea is to make alphabet cookies….


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