Our Nature Table Right Now

On teaching the kids the names of the trees, and matching the seeds to the leaves, I decided it might be a nice look to have on the wall above our nature table…

…. and on the table the is a tray of different leaves and seeds for some more matching, and general touching, feeling and exploring….!

Autumn is in full throng right now, and the leaves on the trees are looking outstanding. Of course one can never photograph nature to its full glory, but I just love this tree outside Alfie’s bedroom window. When we open the curtains in the morning and the sun is shining on it, it brightens up the whole street. We call it ‘the fire tree’!

And with the full throng of autumn, comes the full throng of something else! Only four weeks to go and baby is getting very heavy, and mummy starting to get very tired. I hope you will forgive me if my posts are written less often (as in the last week), but when your body looks like this I’m guessing you will understand! 🙂

(Photo taken by Maya – NOT on my request!)


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