The Importance Of Nursery Rhymes : Hickory Dickory Dock

‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ is a fantastic nursery rhyme for learning as it can touch both on the concept of time, and also, on magnetism!

I made a model of a (small) grandfather clock out of cardboard and construction paper, with a clock with turnable hands. The clock also had three mice, each with a metal paperclip attached…

While holding a strong bar magnet in one hand (behind the clock), it was possible to move the mouse up and down the clock while singing the rhyme…

Time activites which I recommend are a clock sorting shape puzzle (again with turning hands) by Melissa & Doug, and a ‘Tell the time’ lotto game for older kids by Orchard Toys…

And a fantastic book, ‘ Mr Wolf’s Nursery Time’ by Colin and Jaqui Hawkins – about Mr Wolf’s journey through the day, meeting new nursery rhyme characters on each hour – again a clock with turnable hands – and includes ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’…

But after discovering the force of the mouse to run up the clock with magnets, the kids (all four of them from ages 2 to 9), had a fantastic time discovering magnetic force!

I have a small box of different magnets – horseshoes, balls, blocks, cylinders, flat circular ones – some stronger than others – plus a collection of metal objects such as screws, paper clips, washers, bottle caps – and a few non magnetic objects made from plastic, rubber, aluminum, etc.

The kids discovered the force of movement and balance…

And used magnets to construct models…

And inventions (this is a magnet picker-upper)…

And a hilarious game where they used a block magnet each to move another magnet, in a kind of race….

And so it seems that yet another nursery rhyme has had great learning potential, this time for slightly older kids (though Alfie certainly joined in where he could)!


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