An Apple A Day

Some simple apple crafts today, to celebrate the doctor staying away! 🙂

The preschool group came to me, and we decided we needed to take advantage of the delicious apples on the tree before it’s too late! A simple activity using precut cardboard apples, glue and tissue paper (dark and light red, dark and light green and yellow).

Alfie just loved this activity – he made three apples! The tearing of  tissue paper and screwing it up into balls is an excellent fine motor skill activity for young children, and the kids looked in great detail at the colours of the real apples on the table.

And then we stuck them up on our paper bag tree (I do love our paper bag tree!)….

Of course this couldn’t go without choosing an apple from the real tree….

When the preschoolers went home, Alfie and I decided to make some ‘apple pie play dough’. We got the recipe from ‘My Montessori Journey‘, and added lots of red food colouring, and spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, to give it that ‘apple pie’ smell…

And because Alfie has recently learnt to roll play dough in to ball shapes….

…. we made apples!


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