Mixed Media

Just a nice and easy, open ended art activity.

Grab pens, crayons, ‘dobbers’, watercolours and tissue paper of lots of different colours, and challenge the kids to make a piece of ‘modern art’ using as many colours as possible…

I really like the results…

I love art projects, and I think they’re so relaxing for both children and adults. The end product is not important though – the process and enjoyment is.

A couple of years ago Leon was an enthusiastic and talented artist, but since starting the beginning of the last school year, he has sadly lost his confidence, and therefore his interest. Presently at school they do very very little art. Maya, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoys art, and presently seems to ‘shine’ at it – and being in the equivalent to Kindergarten, still enjoys lots of art projects.

I think it’s such a shame that schools often take away the joys of art projects and self expression, in an attempt to squeeze in the ‘more important’ academic subjects. So I’m trying to encourage a little art expression at home, for enjoyment, relaxation, and confidence. I hope it works!


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