Finally! A Baby Is Born!

And it’s a boy!

He was born exactly a week ago, 4 kilos and 53 cm long, and his name is Ted.

The birth was normal and quick, and the hospital staff were outstanding. In the last week mum and baby have had some feeding difficulties, and we’ve been in and out of hospital due to Ted’s weight loss and some jaundice, but all seems to be picking up, we are healthy, and back to blogging (as much as we can right now!).

The rest of the family are also doing well, and Leon and Maya are extremely happy about their new baby brother. Alfie is having some uncertainties, and that doubled with some ‘terrible twos’, means he’s a bit of a handful right now – but we’re giving him lots of love and attention, and I’m sure all will soon be good for him again.

Some classic comments and activities …..

From Alfe ; While eating dinner, Ted was crying, Alfie said “He doesn’t know us. He wants to go back to his mummy”.

Again Alfie ; Looking at my post pregnancy belly, “have you got another baby in there?”

And Alfie (while still pregnant) ; “Where’s my baby?”, “In here” I reply pointing to my stomach, “but I can’t see his legs” Alfie replies.

From Leon ; “But where will his bedroom be?” and proceeds to set up a cosy bedroom for Ted in my wardrobe.

Again Leon, on hearing how babies like to look at black and white things, he shows him the dice he is playing with.


Leon has been completely fascinated with Ted, and said some other wonderful things (unfortunately I have forgotten them for now), and is extremely caring towards him. Maya has also been extremely caring, but seems to be taking it all in her stride right now, and hasn’t said too much yet.

And so there we have it – four beautiful, wonderful, healthy children! How lucky I am. 🙂



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