‘The Camp’

‘The camp’ – so it was called from this lovely book I got the idea from.

Ashamedly it’s a project that been being worked on intermittently throughout the year – a ‘team’ project from both parents and grandparents. Oiginally made for Maya in mind, it now appears to have taken up residence in Alfie’s room…

It’s a flexible, movable, and all round compatible role play area!

It started off as a lion’s cave (with the gates set in a circle and a sheet put over the top for ultimate secrecy. It was then a school room, and now appears to be a play area based on ‘Mario’ (from Leon to Alfie…)!

What do you need ?

Ten pieces of wood – each 70 x 3 x 2 cm for the uprights

Ten pieces of wood – each 50 x 3 x 2 cm for the horizontals

Saw, chisel and hammer

Twenty screws

10 hinges




Pieces of material (book recommends five pieces each 85 x 50 cm), though we used six.

Rather than dictate the book to you, I’ll just show you in photos what to do…

Two horizontal and two upright pieces of wood screwed in to a frame….

Make six of these frames, and hinge together….

To make a flexible role play area…

A 3 1/2 cm piece of wood was also cut out of both horizontal and upright pieces of wood, at top and bottom, where they were slotted and glued together.

This is working out to be a fantastic play area, simply due to the fact it is so open ended – it can be a partition, a wall, a house, a circle, etc, etc….  It’s just a shame it took us so long to finish! 🙂


One thought on “‘The Camp’

  1. I love this idea. My kids would have loved a “camp”. In fact, as i think of it, I would love a camp!!

    Seriously, for those of us (adults) in smaller homes, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to set up a portable “space” all our own to think, daydream, read, meditate, or simply create?

    I think you are on to something!

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