My Son Is Obsessed With Numbers…

…. and number 5 is the current favourite!

Playing with numbers…

Looking for numbers at home…

And while out shopping…

Collecting numbers…

Playdough number shapes….

And sharing numbers in to groups…

My just turned three year old is now able to name and recognise numbers 0 to 9, as well as count up to ten objects. It’s amazing what you can learn simply through play!


4 thoughts on “My Son Is Obsessed With Numbers…

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  2. my three year old is also obsessed with numbers -grabbing the bull by the horns, he now knows how to count up to twenty both forwards and back, and forwards to twenty in french. He can recognise any number on sight, and his favourite toy is – believe it or not – a calculator! i was trying to find out if this was normal, the apparent obsession, but im glad to see there are other three year olds like him even if its not common (i’m rubbish with numbers so i’ve no idea where it comes from..)

    • I’m not sure if it’s common or not either, but I think 3 year old boys can get obsessed with anything! I’ve never been a maths person, so I think that definitely comes from my husband! It sounds like your son is pretty good at numbers though – I think it’s great that his favourite toy is a calculator! 🙂

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