Fun With ‘The Snowman’

Year after year we have read this fantastic book

… and every Christmas season we watch the beautiful film. It never ceases to lose its charm and always brings a tear to my eye – truly a magical story.

Of course this couldn’t go without  a bunch of snowman activities.

Snowmen big…

And snowmen small….

Some to eat….

(Melt a tablespoon of butter, then melt 20 big marshmallows in to the butter on a low heat, take off heat and mix in 3 cups of rice krispies cereal, mould into snowman balls with buttered hands, and pin together with toothpick. Add smarties for eyes and buttons, pretzel sticks for arms, and sprinkle with grated coconut for snow.)

And some for the wall …

Lots of role play happened too, with the story of ‘The Snowman’ being played out. Those of you who know the story might recognise the layout!


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