Lucia 2010

The Lucia celebrations were yesterday, and in all of the churches, shopping centers and schools there were ‘Lucia trains’ led by children dressed up as Lucia (and the odd ‘Tomten’ or ‘Pepparkaksgubbar’ – Father Christmas or Gingerbread man for the english speaking among you!).

Leon and Maya took part in a private Lucia concert at their school – and unfortunately ‘private’ meant no parents allowed!

However, on Sunday we were very lucky to see the worlds longest Lucia train at Stockholm’s ‘Globen’ – and I actually managed to find this YouTube link!  So watch, and enjoy the beautiful music – and although it can’t be seen easily, please remember that all those little lights are candles held by lots of children dressed as Lucia. A truly magical sight!

Check out this book, or read and learn all about ‘Lucia’ on Gingerbread Snowflakes wonderful post – and don’t forget to make those delicious ‘saffrons bullar‘, a truly traditional Lucia recipe.



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