Reindeer Fun

Rudolph has always been a favourite in our house, especially with Maya – you can see him here this year (at the end of the post), and here last year.

Having read this lovely book all about reindeer and how they live (suitable for age 5 and up I would suggest)…

… we went on to do other activities…

Making our own Rudoph from drawing around our hands…

Making a Rudolph snack (peanut butter on a triangle of bread, using a tomato for the nose, raisins for the eyes and pretzels for the horns)…

As well as eating some Rudolph treats (melted chocolate spooned on to wax paper, a glace cherry for a nose, silver baubles for eyes, almonds for ears and pretzels for antlers – all added before the chocolate has time to cool)….

(I left mine in the fridge to harden and they were ready within half an hour)

And of course this couldn’t go without watching the film – which Maya in particular loved!


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