Our Christmas 2010

A wonderful Christmas was had by all…

A french speaking Father Christmas - sussed by my oldest child!

Oldest cousin meeting youngest cousin

Big cousins, little cousins, grandmothers...

... aunties and uncles

Essential porridge eating (Swedish Christmas dessert!)

Homemade gifts (Leon and Maya spent two days painting, baking, weaving, whittling, drawing and writing, making presents for close and extended family)

A much loved tree...

... and a much loved 'Tomten'

A tiny sleeping 'Tomten'...

... joined by another.

We hope yours was as fun!

Happy Christmas 2010 🙂


One thought on “Our Christmas 2010

  1. Hej!
    Fina bilder och många släktingar 🙂
    Kul se Ted i tomtedräkten!
    Först nu kl 22.20 är det lugnt i huset så jag hör inte av mig till dig idag Sasha… men kanske kan vi hälsa på er en stund på onsdag?
    Synd med nyår…

    Hörs och kram Anna

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