Believers : A New Years Wish

Leon and Maya are both firm believers. It doesn’t matter what in – be it the tooth fairy, the Easter hare or Father Christmas. In Maya’s mind, there is no doubt. In Leon’s he is skeptical, but only about Father Christmas, and only about the one who comes in the day time on Christmas Eve (that’s right, being half English, half Swedish, we have both the day time one, and the one who comes down the chimney and leaves presents in our stockings on Christmas Eve night).

Yesterday, Leon, Maya and I each wrote out a secret wish for the New Year, and laid it under a lit candle, which we then put outside. We are hoping the New Year fairies might see the candle lights and grant our wishes.

Maya also left a pepparkaka (gingerbread cookie) for them, in case they were hungry…. 🙂


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