My House Is Made From Gingerbread!

Every year the gingerbread ‘house’ exhibition at the Architecture Museum amazes me. Essentially  a competition, based on a theme. Last year we visited, and the theme was monsters, this year the theme was ‘I am home now’ (on feeling at home or being rootless).

Here are some of our (many) favourites…

The computer as home?! I do love this one!
A shell can also be a home!
Always on the move…
The retirement home (check out the candy canes on the wheelchairs!)
Every home needs one!
The local park bench could be a home to some…
…or even a city bridge…
A penguin needs a home…
…. as does a bird….
… and even a worm!
But Stockholm is home to most – complete with Globen, the town hall and the palace!

Of course, we had to decorate our own gingerbread house when we came home!

Richard and Alfie did one together using a kit…

And it was very difficult for our little man not to sneak a few sweeties…

Leon decided he would rather make his own ‘house’ from scratch, in the form of a castle. So we rolled out the dough, measured and out out the sides, and then put it in the oven. Later he learnt how to stick the pieces together with boiled sugar, and decorated it…

And it wasn’t long before Maya wanted to do the same…


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