On The Back Of A Milk Packet

Swedish milk packets are fantastic! On the back of each one there is an interesting article or a craft suggestion.

This is the interesting fact I found on todays packet…

Apparently ‘the tradition of shaped ‘Lussekatter’  (saffron buns) originally come from Germany, from the 1700s. They started using sweet dough with saffron in, which gave the buns their famous taste and yellow colour, and the breads were often formed in to different medieval patterns (as above). Many land areas had their own symbols and names, often inspired by farms, for example a ‘kuse’ meaning ‘horse’ (bottom row, middle symbol), or ‘galt’ meaning ‘pig’ (top left). The name ‘lussekatt’ is much older than the traditional Lucia celebrations, and were actually used as the yellow colour being protection against the devil (Lucifer), who often disguised himself as the form of a cat when in the company of people.

So there you go. A little Swedish history!


One thought on “On The Back Of A Milk Packet

  1. Well now you have solved the mystery! I came across the shaped saffron buns this past season – from Germany and I was wondering.

    I hope you and your sweet family are doing well and your new year is filled with many new adventures.

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