A Winters Day At Hellasgården

It was a beautiful sunny day – time for a walk…..

Hellasgården is one of the many nature reserves in the area, a very pretty lake in the forest, complete with log cabin cafe´, featuring open fire and delicious mugs of hot chocolate!

Now it may be tricky to see, but in the distance here above (the thin dark line on the right hand side) there is the swimming part of the lake. That’s right. Swimming. And yes, that part of the lake was open, despite the rest of the lake being iced over – and no, it was not heated. And yes, we saw someone taking a dip – naked! This is apparently a common Scandinavian activity – taking a quick dip in ice cold lakes, before rushing in to the sauna, naked, in public…

And here you can see some tracks over the lake where perhaps an ice plough or a skier has dared to cross…

And here below is my lovely family. Richard pulls Maya on the snow racer, while Leon and Alfie walk behind together. Right now this is a common sight. Despite the 6 1/2 year age gap, Leon and Alfie are the best of friends and can be heard laughing and playing together for what can be hours every day. Leon is Alfie’s idol.

A time for making small snowballs…

And bigger snowballs….

And throwing them in to a bit of open water….

Alfie shows you how to make a snow angel…

And how to eat snow…

While Maya shows you how to make a snow sculpture…

Before it’s time to get one of those hot chocolates I told you about…


2 thoughts on “A Winters Day At Hellasgården

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful day in the snow and sunshine with all of us. Soooooo beautiful. Or should i say – snooooooooooow beautiful!

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